This section helps you to create Digital Guide administrators.

All Admins

From the All Admins panel, you can create system admins with limited access roles.


Please note, the main admin email can’t be changed or deleted!

Each Admin has to login in order to do tasks on the Digital Guide platform.


To create a new admin click New Admin button.

Set admin email and password, and optionally enable Contact permission.

As Admin type, you can choose between Admin (Business owner or Administrator) or Provider (Helps provide your activities).

Type First Name, Last Name, Mobile, Country, Address, and City, select Time zone, and Save changes.




This feature helps owners and main admins to invite co-workers, and providers to join the platform.

You can configure the desired role which will be assigned to the invitee.

For this feature, you will need to switch to the main WiFi Hotspot portal and configure Email server settings,  on the My Account/Email page.



As the main admin, you have the ability to create public or personal invites and invite users to join the platform and create admin accounts.


With Public Invitation, multiple users can signup.
With Personal Invitation, only users with a specified email can signup.

To create an invite, go to Invites and click New Invite.

Select Invitation type.
Public invitations are open for everyone, like advertiser signup from your website.


Personal invitations
are limited to single signups and to the person’s email you specify.


From the Invite user to become menu select the admin role that will be assigned to the invitee. You can select between Admin (Business owner or Administrator) or Provider (Helps provide your activities).

Updated on November 25, 2023

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