From Bandwidth Manager Setup – Options – Options page should be set following:

Display small laptop icons – With this option choose the size of laptop icons located in main server screen.
Improve performance by minimizing Bandwidth Manager – Enable the function to minimize Bandwidth Manager software after a specified time period of inactivity.
Software Priority – Choose the level of software priority between Normal and Hight
Time display format – Choose time format that is shown in the Bandwidth Manager software: HH:MM  (2:35), Hh:Mm (2h 35m), Hh:Min (2h 35min), M m (155m), M min (155 min)
Quota display format – Choose quota format that can be shown in: bytes, KB, MB, GB, TB, PB
Bandwidth display format – Choose download and upload speed display format: KB (KBytes), Kb (Kbits), MB (Mbytes), Mb (Mbits)

On the same page, you can set a new Administrator password.
Default Administrator login password is blank.

Type new password in the Main Administrator password field and press Save button.

Confirm Administrator password in new pop-up menu and press OK button.


Updated on November 9, 2021

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