Account Info

The Account Info tab show all basic information for the selected account in the list.

From this tab, you can see the most important account details and to top-up account using option Refill account with a pricing plan.

Account Info tab shows the following details:

• Account – Show Account username
• Account is Active – Show does Account is Active or not
• Time left – Shows remaining time for computer usage.
• Time used – Shows previously used time
• Total Time – Shows total used time for account
• Quota – Shows quota on the account
• Money – Shows money balance on the account
• Last Used – Shows information when the account is used last time
• Status – Show status of the account
• Refill with Price Plan – Select Pricing Plan with which account will be refilled
• Print receipt – Choose this option to print a receipt after refiling the account with the Pricing Plan
• Refill Account – Press on this button to refill account with selected Pricing Plan
• Print Account – Press on this button to print account details

Updated on November 25, 2023

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