Internet Cafe API Integration

Antamedia Internet Cafe can be easily integrated with third-party software.

This feature is located on the Cafe Server Setup – Server – API page.

Integration is done as an HTTP GET query and XML response which offer very short integration time.

To put it simply, it works this way:

1. Your software should send a formatted query similar to URL you type in a browser to see certain web page
2. Our software gets this query, parse it and execute the actions (example: generate accounts)
3. Our software generates XML response with details (example: account details) and return it to your software
4. Your software parse XML and process the data (example: use account details to print receipt)

To activate this feature please Enable Integration, specify a port (1082 by default), and Secret PassPhrase.

Purpose of the PassPhrase is to protect from unauthorized usage while allowing you to use integration commands from different IP addresses. For example, multiple instances of your program can communicate with software and generate accounts.

For the purpose of this manual, we will take as Cafe Server IP address, port 10082 and SECRETPASS as PassPhrase.

These are just some of the integration examples:

This command will generate 5 accounts and assign price plan 1 to those accounts. You can put a button in your software and send such command after user clicks on it. XML response contains all account data, like username, password, time, quota, expiration.

This command will generate 3 accounts, assign them price plan 2 and print the accounts in Internet Cafe software without print preview. If you intend to handle printing from your software, printing is not needed.

This command will generate one account with username TEST. It is suitable in cases when you always generate unique accounts, like personal ID number from the ID card. The account will not be generated if such an account already exists.

This command is used to retrieve all price plans from Cafe software. XML response will contain price plan description, cost, time and quota values, expiration, etc.
You can use these details to store them in your controls (like Listbox, Combobox) and allow a customer to choose a price plan before you send a command to generate the accounts.

This command will delete the account TEST from the HotSpot software.
The time is displayed in seconds, Quota, Download, Upload are in bytes. Other fields with 0 and 1 represent false and true. If you have specific integration requirements, please contact Antamedia.

Updated on October 12, 2022

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