Payment Options

The Payment Options page is located on Cafe Server Setup РPrices РPayment Options tab.

This feature helps you better customize the billing process.

The page contains the following options:

Currency – To configure currency sign, please enter desired letters or sign, and choose if it should be displayed before or after the amount. You can add a space field if it’s needed.
Decimal places – Configure a number of digits after the dot (.) in the price amount. Usually, it’s set to 2.
Total Rounding – This option helps you define the desired rounding method for a total amount. There are over 10 methods including rounding on the quarter, the first digit, on 5, on 10, down or up.
Payment Type – Defines available payment methods in the POS (Point of Sale) module. You can change the default method from Cash to deducting from the money balance, payment with a loyalty card, etc.

Updated on November 25, 2023

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