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Antamedia Internet Cafe brings excellent protection for computers in your Cafe.

This section details how to protect your computers from malicious and/or unintentional harm caused by a customer.

Recommended steps and settings are at the end of each section. Always test changes to settings to verify that your client computers are responding correctly.

• Close active programs and games on session end – When a customer logs in, there should not be running applications left by the previous customer. This option automatically closes running applications after a specified delay (by default 30 seconds). This delay allows a customer to relogin, and continue working. To ensure that certain
applications remain active (Anti-Virus software for example), you will be able to specify those programs on the next tab (Blocked Windows).
• Reset computers on session end – If you always want fresh computers for your customers, check this option and set the desired time delay
• Shutdown computers on session end – Antamedia Internet Cafe will turn off client computers when the customer has finished the session. You can use this option to save energy if there are no customers who would continue using this computer.
• Boot keys – This option gives you the ability to enable or disable F8, F5, F4 keys and protect
your computers from starting in safe mode
• Show control panel and printers – Uncheck this option to hide control panel and printers on client computers
• Hide drives in My computer – Helps you hide local drives on your client computers. You may want to leave one drive available for customers to use a flash/USB drive to save their files. All client computers must use the same USB drive letter. Test your systems to find the correct drive letter.
• Disable registry tools – Disables Registry Tools on your clients
• Disable run command – Hides Run command from Start Menu
• Disable find command – Hides Find command from Start Menu

Connect all clients and press Update Clients button when you are finished.

Updated on September 26, 2023

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