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How to restore Antamedia software database backup?

To restore Antamedia software Database backup, please follow these steps:

Close Antamedia software.

To make database backup copy C:\Antamedia\DBServer\Database folder to some other location.

Download EDBManager application. Extract the file to desktop and start it.

In EDBManager create new (Admin) session.
In General tab please select Remote, not Local.

In the Login fields type Administrator as username and default password EDBDefault.

Username and the password are the same as it is set in the Antamedia software Setup – Database – Database settings tab.

Go to Databases and find AntamediaDB.
Press Restore Database.

In the new window, you will see a list with the backups stored at C:\Antamedia\DBServer\Database\Backup folder.

Select Database backup which you want to restore and press OK.

The database will be restored and you can close EDBManager and start Antamedia software.

These instructions apply to all Antamedia software solutions.


Updated on November 25, 2023

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