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How to export Accounts and Price plans database tables?

If you don’t have a valid database backup, you have the ability to export Accounts and Price plans database tables and import it in the fresh database.

Before you do that, delete old and expired accounts from the database.

To delete expired accounts from the database please go to the Setup – Database – Maintenance page.

After selecting the desired options, please click Delete Accounts to delete the accounts from the database.

You can export Accounts and Price plans database tables using EDBManager.

EDBManager is available for download from http://www.antamedia.com/download/edbmgr2.zip

Extract it to the desktop and start it.
Be sure that HotSpot is closed during this process.
In EDBManager create new (Admin) session.
In General tab please select Remote not Local.
In the Login fields type Administrator as username and default password EDBDefault.
Username and the password are the same as it is set in the software Setup – Database – Database settings tab.

Go to Databases and find AntamediaDB / Accounts.
Press on Export table and click OK.
Repeat the process for Price Plans table.

To create a fresh database please follow these instructions:

Close Antamedia software.
Turn off Antamedia Database Server.
Copy C:\Antamedia\DBServer\Database folder to some other location and then delete it from C:\Antamedia\DBServer.
Turn on Antamedia Database Server.
Go to C:\Antamedia\DBServer folder and start ADBConfigurator.exe
The new database will be created.

Close HotSpot and start EDBManager again.
Go to Databases \ AntamediaDB \ Accounts and click on Import table.
Backups are saved and stored in the C:\Antamedia\DBServer\Database\Backup folder.
In the new window, you will see a list with the backups stored at the C:\Antamedia\DBServer\Database\Backup folder.
Select which one you want to restore and press OK.

This way you will import Accounts and Price plan database tables in the fresh database.

Updated on November 25, 2023

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