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How to repair and optimize Antamedia software database?

To repair the Antamedia software database, please follow these steps:

Close Antamedia software.
Go to Windows Task Manager.
From Process tab find and stop Antamedia software processes:

HotSpot software: AHotSpot.exe / ADBHS.exe / ADBServer.exe
Internet Cafe software: AICServer.exe / ADBServer.exe

To make database backup:

Copy C:\Antamedia\DBServer\Database folder to some other location.

Be sure that the Antamedia Database Server (ADBServer.exe) is active on the computer.
Go to C:\Antamedia\DBServer folder and start ADBServer.exe then ADBConfigurator.exe.

In ADBConfigurator choose first to “Reset DB version” and when it is done select to “Perform Maintenance“.

Press Repair and when the process is finished press Optimize button to be sure that all files are included and optimized.

Go to the C:\Antamedia\DBServer folder.
Sort files by type and then delete *.OLD File type files from the database.

Start Antamedia software and test does it work then.

These instructions apply to all Antamedia software solutions.


Updated on November 25, 2023

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