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How to generate User accounts, Free accounts, Tickets and Refills?

The generate Accounts option is located in the Accounts tab, which is available from the main HotSpot screen.

The same option is used to generate: UsersFree accounts, Tickets, Refills, and Usage-based accounts.

User accounts are represented with Username and Password required for login to Internet Cafe Client.

Tickets are represented with a code, which is a random sequence of letters and numbers like RA7D91Q. The ticket is prepaid based access code.

Refills are not login accounts. Refills are used to add more time or bandwidth quota to an already existing PrePaid user account or Ticket.

Usage-based accounts are postpaid accounts that have 0 values for time and quota, and these are increased during usage. Customers can be billed later at desired time intervals.

Free accounts are accounts without price, after generating they are not shown in the sales report.

Generate Accounts page has the following options:

• GeneratePlease enter how many accounts you want to generate
• TypeSelect if you want to generate user accounts, tickets or refills
• Internet PlanChoose an Internet Plan to define parameters of new accounts
• DiscountSet Discount if you would like to apply it
• PrintEnable Print if you like these accounts to be printed on paper

Depending on Type selection, different options will appear on the right side of the screen:

• PrefixA word which comes as a first part of the generated account username (like
• Start numberDefines starting number to be added to the prefix (like 11). With these examples, accounts that will be created are USER11, USER12, USER13, etc.
• Password lengthDefines how many characters (letters and numbers) will a password have
• LengthDefines how many characters (letters and numbers) will ticket or refill have

• Sell now Accounts are saved in the database, sold and added to bills and statistics, and ready for use.
• Sell laterAccounts are saved in the database and will be sold on the first usage or when the operator clicks on the Sell button in the Accounts page
• GenerateGenerate a new user account, ticket or refill
• SaveSave generated accounts in the database
• CancelClose Generate Accounts tab

What are the steps to generate accounts?

1. Type 10 to generate 10 accounts
2. Select User Prepaid or User Postpaid
3. Choose desired price plan or pricing group
4. Optionally select discount
5. Enable Print if you want to print account on paper
6. Click Generate button
7. Click Save button

If you want to print accounts directly, without print preview, you can select the No Preview option in the HotSpot Setup – Options – Print Options.

Updated on August 25, 2022

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