How to create an Employee account?

Antamedia HotSpot software supports different access rights.

While the Administrator has full access to all HotSpot settings, you can set other employee accounts with limited software access.

Each employee has to login in order to do tasks in HotSpot.

There are several types of employee accounts like:
Administrator, Supervisor, Manager, Operator, Technician, etc.

You can also create an employee account with custom access rights.

The administrator has full access in the software.

Manager can access statistics, reports, bills, action logs. The manager may create and modify the account properties or refill accounts, but may not Start or Stop HotSpot engine or access HotSpot setup pages.

Operator can only create and sell the accounts using simple, easy to learn interface.

To create a new employee account:

1. Type Username and Password of your employee
2. Choose Type of employee account
3. Fill in other optional details, like address, city, birthday, email, mobile number, document ID
4. Select Active to allow login in the HotSpot
5. (Optional) Add a photo of the employee or document scan
6. Click the Rights tab and assign access rights to employee account
7. Press the Save button to store a new employee in the database

To delete an employee account from the list, please select the account with a left mouse click and press Remove button.

Updated on October 11, 2022

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