Free Access Options

To configure Free Access options, please go to the HotSpot Setup – Free Access – Options page.

Set of specific additional options for free access:

• After login, show this message on the welcome page – Set the text that free users will see on the page displayed after successful login. It can be used for promotional and marketing messages, instructions for users, etc.
• In the free signup process users may create only one free account – Activating of this option will limit free access with only one account from the device based on MAC address
• After login, redirect customer – Enter the URL of the website to which you want to redirect free users after the welcome page
• Free time available for signup completion – This option applies to SMS and email free signup, after receiving a password user needs to login before the specified time expires
• SMS signup password should be __ characters long – Set how many characters should be used for Free signup with SMS confirmation
• Enable multi login for Free Signup accounts – This option will allow the use of the same Free access account from different devices at the same time
• Enable autologin for Free Signup accounts – Free access account will be automatically logged in after activating this option
• Free plan to apply for free account signup – Select this option to use only free Internet Plans for free signup

Updated on October 11, 2022

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