Host Whitelist

Host whitelist helps you to allow access to specified websites without authentication.

There are many reasons to whitelist some hosts, like:

Credit card gateway (like PayPal) needs some hosts accessible in order to process customer credit card payment
Advertising purposes, where you can allow access to some websites without authentication. For example, your website is located on a remote web hosting company. You can specify the host IP address or the hostname like or
Free use of search engines, but the customer pays to see websites from search results

In the HotSpot Setup – Whitelist – Host Whitelist page you can see two different ways to add a website in the whitelist:

Add host IP to whitelist – If you know website IP address (like
Add host URL to whitelist – If you know the website URL address (like

Press Add button to add host IP or hostname, or press the Remove button to remove host IP or URL address selected in the whitelist.

When you finish, please press the Save button.

Updated on October 11, 2022

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