Miscellaneous Options

Explanation of Miscellaneous options in HotSpot software.

• Display small laptop icons – Defines the size of laptop icons in the main server screen
• Allow login for unsold accounts – All the accounts will be able to login even if an operator has not sold them
• Allow relogin if IP address changes – Allow a customer to login again if the account is already in use. The previous session will be logged out and a customer asked to login again (it can help when the connection is not stable and a customer is trying to connect while getting different IP addresses)
• Log all login errors – Store all HotSpot messages (information, warnings, etc) in a log file
• Improve performance by minimizing HotSpot – Minimize HotSpot software after the specified time period of inactivity to get better performance. This feature is enabled by default and we recommend leaving it enabled
• Force the customer relogin to prevent excessive and unattended download – HotSpot will stop Internet service for the customer after a specified time interval and force her to login again. This feature can be used to prevent the downloading of large files and excessive bandwidth usage.
• Disable Skin – Skinned interface can be disabled in some parts of software in order to improve performance and response time.
• Update time, quota and transfer rates on Computers screen – HotSpot performance is slightly improved by configuring the higher value in this field. Default value is 1 second.
• Optimize memory usage every – Select time interval after which memory usage will be optimized
• Deduct Outbound traffic from Quota – Choose whether Hotspot will count both download and upload when deducting quota from the user account
• Reload active sessions on Hotspot restart – If this option is enabled, Hotspot restart will not interrupt user session with the new login request
• Restart Hotspot if an error occurs – Hotspot will restart itself in case of an unexpected error, so it can continue normal operation
• Pause inactivity count down timer when user traffic is detected – This option will pause the inactivity countdown without resetting it to the default number of seconds
• Show country filter in the UsageLog statistics – Besides other information, Country will be also available in Logs
• Show free Internet plans on Operator view
• Clear MAC address on logout – MAC address will be cleared from account properties in HotSpot when the user logs out.
• Reset account password on logout – Set a new random password for user’s account on each logout
• Log Browser’s User Agent for debug purposes – Type and language of customer’s browser are logged each time they logs in to HotSpot. This data can be analyzed on the HotSpot – Statistics – Log page. Options
• Discard DB Connection Messages – Select this option to discard warring messages related to DB connecting to HotSpot
• Enable Customer Portal – Set this option to allow Customer Portal from Welcome page
• Show accounts from – Show the accounts from other Antamedia software (Internet Cafe software, HotSpot, Bandwidth Manager)
• Time display format – Choose the format which is used to display time HH: MM (2:35), Hh: Mm (2h 35m), Hh: Min (2h 35min), M m (155m), M min (155 min)
• Quota display format – Choose quota format between bytes, KB, MB, GB, TB, PB, or adaptive which automatically displays the correct format depending on the value
• Bandwidth display format – Choose the display format of download and upload rate KB (KBytes), Kb (Kbits), MB (MBytes), Mb (Mbits)
• Software priority – Select software priority
• HotSpot Autostart delay (allow the system to boot on slower machines) – With enabling of this option slower computers have enough time to boot properly before the software is started

Updated on October 11, 2022

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