HotSpot Operator

HotSpot Operator is a feature specially developed to keep account creation simple.

The very intuitive user interface will guide an employee through 3 simple steps which significantly decreases learning time and everyday account creating.

This feature is available in all HotSpot Editions and can be accessed through the main screen by clicking the OPERATOR button.

You can have multiple HotSpot Operators at the same time and in different physical locations.

For this purpose, additional HotSpot Operator licenses are required, which can be purchased on the Antamedia website.

How can HotSpot Operator help you?

• Allow front desk operators to generate accounts without access to sensitive data
• The hotel reception can generate accounts while the main HotSpot is located in a secured place (server room)
• Resorts can install multiple HotSpot Operator software in each building, effectively connecting the entire resort in one network. As soon as one of the Operators create an account, it can be used in the entire network
• The administrator can use it to generate, modify or delete accounts, view bills, and statistics, generate reports, make new employee accounts, configure price plans, send email notifications (account expiry or maintenance reminders)
• The owner can monitor HotSpot activity from home, take a look at sales, logs, statistics
The most important aspect of additional Operator licenses is that they protect the main HotSpot gateway from human activities that can cause downtime.

Keeping the main HotSpot on a secure place is recommended as it minimizes the problems like:
• viruses or bad software downloaded by employees which can lower the Internet bandwidth and destabilize the system
• multiple programs started by employees which increase CPU usage
• accidental reboots etc.

Please note: Additional HotSpot Operator license cannot be used as standalone, to control users and data transfer. It does not provide captive portal functionality (does not display login page). It requires the main HotSpot software installed.

Updated on August 25, 2022

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