Speed Boost

Speed Boost option can be used to increase or decrease user Internet access speed during a specific time interval.

You can use this feature to create happy hour, increase speed during the night, or grant-specific account group high speed in the desired time interval.

To configure it, please create a usage schedule template that will be used to activate speed change.

You may configure speed boost in several ways:

· for all accounts,
· only for accounts that belong to a specified account group,
· or for all accounts that do not belong to a specific group.

Speed change is configured in %.

To double speed, please enter 200%, or to lower speed to half, enter 50%.

Enable Speed Boost – Select it to activate speed boost.
Based on the selected usage schedule plan – From the drop-down menu select the usage schedule plan that will be used for a speed boost.
Download – Set download speed boost in percents.
Upload – Set upload speed boost in percents.
Type – From the drop-down menu select the type of accounts to which speed boost will apply (for all accounts, only for account group or for all accounts except group)

Updated on November 25, 2023

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