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Bandwidth Manager Benefits

Antamedia Bandwidth Manager has an advanced architecture which allows both, simple and very large networks. You can install it on one computer and start controlling computers from your network. As your network grows, you do not need to change anything. Everything is routed through the same computer which saves deployment time and maintenance.

With the use of Bandwidth Manager software you can control computer Internet access based on MAC, IP address or both, limit bandwidth quota, daily bandwidth quota, upload and download speed, usage time, daily usage time, etc.

Defined Internet Access for Known and Unknown Users

If you offer Internet access to walk-in customers (unknown users), Bandwidth Manager helps you configure separate limitations for such users. By enabling Autologin, you can allow access for unknown computers on the network, with separate connection parameters. The advantage of our solution is the very high customization of User accounts which allows creating limited or unlimited accounts.

Among classic features like time and bandwidth quota limits, you can configure daily time limit, number of daily logins, number of simultaneous logins with aggregation which is very practical when offering free WiFi Internet. In addition, it’s very easy to offer paid Internet access with higher speeds, quota, or unlimited daily or monthly access.

Control Employee Internet Use

It is strongly recommended that you produce a company policy on Internet usage, ensuring that within it you include your policy on employee monitoring. That way employees know both what they can and cannot do and what you may be doing to observe them.

Bandwidth Manager software has incorporated monitoring within actual control of what can be accessed. The software does not trap or record emails since they have raised more technical legal issues than accessing networks or websites.
Instead, it simply records what computer and user accessed, what website, as that removes any challenge on the basis of “intercepting private communication”. From software, you will be able to block access to sites and achieve the basic aim, which is reducing the time and bandwidth wasted on “web surfing”.

Beside blocked access to sites, you can go further and set banned keywords within URLs, for example automatically blocking any website with “sex” or “porn” in the URL. Rather than presenting your employees with a blank screen, you can also set Bandwidth Manager to auto-redirect certain URLs to more work-friendly sites.

Alternatively, you can display your Internet usage policy as a blunt reminder, or perhaps a request form, so if necessary the user can ask for an exception for that specific site.

Offer WiFi Services in Your Hotel, Coffee Shop, Restaurant

Offering high-speed wireless Internet services in one hotel will only help you increase occupancy and improve tenant and guest satisfaction. Furthermore, it will also represent an additional source of revenue for your business.

With the use of Antamedia Bandwidth Manager software in your WiFi Hotel, you will be able to:
– control and monitor access to the Internet for all computers, both wired and wireless in your guest rooms
– provide reliable wireless Internet access in your restaurant, lobby and conference rooms, which makes it ideal for seminars and meetings
– maintain secure access to the Internet resources outside the hotel, like on golf courses or by the hotel pools.

Serve Walk-in Laptop Customers in Your Cyber Cafe

If you run an Internet Cafe or Gaming Center, a great profit booster can be a wireless network. Many people use their own laptop for an everyday job or on vacation to stay in touch with family and friends.

Even in non-working hours of your primary business, your customers will be able to use your services and generate profit.

Best of all, it’s automated, there is no maintenance fee for computers, licenses for software and OS.

Can Be Used in Various Locations

Flexible architecture makes it suitable for different locations like Internet Cafe, Cyber Cafe, Resorts, Hotels, Motels, enterprises that provide Internet access to guests, Hospitals, Universities, Schools or other education institutions, Coffee Shops, Shopping Malls.

Updated on November 9, 2021

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