User Accounts and Tickets

User Accounts and Tickets are useful if you want to deploy Kiosk in one of the following scenarios:

Provide access for returning customers, like hotel guests who might use you Kiosk today, and come back tomorrow until time expires.

Users within your company or organization can use computers in a limited environment with required authentication for easy tracking.

You can limit access to selected hard drives and installed applications, and allow the use of other applications and Windows features.

Each Kiosk can have its own accounts database or multiple Kiosks can be configured to share the same database.

Please check the Database section for details on how to connect multiple Kiosks.

To create or modify user accounts or tickets, please open Kiosk – Accounts panel.

Available options are:

Account – Username for the account that will be used for login. It cannot be changed after account creation.
Password – Account password is hidden by default. Enable Show Password to see account password. To change the client password, replace the old password with a new one and press Save Account button
Time Left – Shows remaining time for Kiosk usage. To modify the time left, please adjust this value and press Save Changes button
Unlimited Time – Enable this option if you do not wish to limit selected user by time
Daily time – Total time available for the Kiosk usage on a daily basis. When all daily time is used, a user can log in on the next day
Expire – Specify the date when an account expires. After the expiration date, the account can not be used anymore for login and a user will see a message that the
account has expired
Printing Pages – Number of allowed color/bw pages that user can print
Unlimited printing – Enable this option if you don’t want to limit printing for this account

Updated on November 9, 2021

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