Limited User Account

To achieve maximum security, Antamedia Kiosk creates a limited Windows user account on installation.

When you run Kiosk for the first time, it will be loaded in Administrator mode, from where you configure all the features.

These settings are stored for the limited account, and loaded on the next restart.

If you wish to run Kiosk in Windows Administrator account, please select compatibility mode.

This option is suitable if you wish to run HotSpot on the same computer with Kiosk and (Pay Station).

The HotSpot may run in the background and control the traffic for WiFi clients around your kiosk. Please contact our staff for more information on this solution.

It is recommended that any change in settings for Kiosk limited account be made through the Kiosk – Security – User Account page.

Here you have the possibility to change the account password, description and full name (displayed on the Windows login screen).

Default account user name Kiosk cannot be changed.

If you want to configure Windows to bypass login screen and login directly to your Kiosk account, please check Autologin in Windows using this account option.

Updated on November 9, 2021

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