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Can I transfer a license to a different server ?

Yes, the computer can be replaced and software can be activated on a new server in case there is hardware damage.

For this process you should find a service company and provide a document from the same, stating that the server is beyond repair.
The document should be sent to [email protected] .

In order to resolve issues like this, Antamedia management requires this step and document from a service company.

This service is available and can be used for customers with a maintenance plan only.

Note that this option is not available for old accounts and not supported versions.

Two servers cannot be used with a single license and at the same time.

The number of license transfers is limited, so we can avoid abuses.

In specific cases and for customers with higher Support Plans we can make an exception, regarding customer satisfaction and minimal downtime of service.

Updated on April 30, 2024

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