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How to install Remote HotSpot Operator?

A few notes before installation:

· If Hotspot Operator is located in a remote location and connects to the Hotspot server over the Internet, it is required to set the static public IP address on the main Hotspot server.
· Install Operator from the same installer as main Hotspot software, they have to be the exact same version.
· Make sure that all firewalls between the main Hotspot PC and Operator PC have port TCP 12010 open.
· Operator must be installed and used on Windows account with administrative privileges, same as HotSpot Software (check Pre-Installation steps here)

When Remote Operator PC is properly prepared, restart the computer to apply changes and then install Remote HotSpot Operator.

Installation procedure

1. Start Hotspot installer on the Operator PC and select Express Installation
2. Restart the computer
3. After reboot, in HotSpot close Setup wizard
4. Go to Setup – Database – Settings tab and type the IP address of the computer where is located Database Server to which you plan to connect this Operator panel
5. Press Save & Connect button.

When you confirm that Remote HotSpot Operator is connected to the Database on the remote location, create few test accounts. If you see accounts under the Accounts tab on HotSpot Server, then Operator is connected correctly to the Database server.

Once when Operator is connected to the remote location database, close HotSpot and save Operator license to C:\Antamedia folder and start again HotSpot.

When a license for the HotSpot Operator panel is applied, you will get full Operator environment.

Updated on September 25, 2023

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