The Stats section provides valuable insights into how the Digital Guide platform is being used and where improvements can be made.

Stats include Users, Content, Activity Log, Requests, Reservations, Check-in, and Devices sections.


The Users section shows the number of Visitors and Customers over a specific time period.

Visitors are non-registered users, while Customers are registered users.

It also includes User sessions by weekday and by daytime.



On the Content page, you can check stats for the Content section ( Experiences, Restaurants, Services, Store) like Top Content for 30 days, Content type, and Recent Content.


Activity Log

Activity Log shows all customers requests, like Reservations, Store orders, and Services requests.



The Digital Guide Requests Stats section provides an overview of the current status of all user requests.
Requests are divided into five categories: New, Pending, In Progress, Solved, and Rejected.



Reservation Stats section provides an overview of the current status of all bookings made by customers. The Reservation section is divided into five categories: New, Confirmed, Completed, Cancelled, and NoShow.



The Check-Ins Stats section provides an overview of the number of check-ins. This section can be filtered based on New, Confirmed, Cancelled, Incomplete, and Guests check-ins.



The Devices panel helps you to identify users and see the structure based on device details. You can check device distribution based on the device OS ( Android, Windows, iPhone, Linux…) and based on device type ( Tablet, Mobile, Desktop…).


Updated on November 25, 2023

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