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What can be controlled with Internet Cafe software ?

The basic purpose of Internet Cafe software is control of desktop computers on the Internet and Gaming cafes.

After many years of our experience in Internet Cafe software business and the requirements of Internet cafe software users, we made multifunctional software that fully covers all needs for small and big Internet cafes.

Beside the control and protection of desktop computers, Internet Cafe software can control internet access from WiFi laptops, tablets, smartphones etc.

Print Manager option control printing from the client computers and add the amount of money automatically to the user’s bill or decrease the time from the prepaid user account.

Point of Sale (POS) module fully control sale and inventory in your cafe.

HotSpot module allows you to control and bill your customers for Internet usage without installing any client software.

Internet CafeĀ software includes application, gaming management, billing, statistics and reporting with many useful features.

The system is scalable with a fully integrated database system that will grow with your system.

Updated on August 25, 2022

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