Access point and device monitoring give you the ability to track the uptime of your devices.

It pings your access points and other devices that respond to PING command, and tracks responses received.

In case that AP/device does not respond within the configured time, error reports can be sent to inform about failure and help you eliminate downtime.

Enable Monitoring – Select it to activate devices monitoring on the local network.
AP/Device IP address – Enter the IP address of the device that you want to ping.
Add – Press on Add button to add devices IP address to list of monitored devices.
Remove – Press on Remove button to remove a device IP address from the list.
Max response time __ seconds – Set maximum response time in seconds in which a device should respond
Send error report by E-mail – Select to send an error report and enter an E-mail address to which it will be sent.
Send error report by SMS – Select to send an error report and enter mobile to which it will be sent.
Ping on every __ minute(s) – Select number of minutes for ping interval.

Each device is monitored and it’s status displayed on the screen.

If a device is offline, you can see offline duration as well as a number of pings without response.

An error report is sent on 10th ping error.

You can configure the ping interval to suit your requirements.

Updated on October 11, 2022

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