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HotSpot Statistics

HotSpot Statistics

  • Dashboard

    From Statistics Dashboard in a single click, you can get an overview of all important statistic details.
  • Usage Reports

    Usage report is a session based report which precisely shows who, when and how much has used your HotSpot services.
  • User Data

    User data panel gives you access to Collected emails and data and the ability to export information about users that accessed HotSpot using free access.
  • Emails

    Define the look and content of Email messages which will be sent to your customers.
  • Surveys

    If you want to know how good you are at doing your business, the best way is to ask your customers. HotSpot Survey feature helps you collect surveys from your customers.
  • Surveys Coupons

    HotSpot Survey Coupons feature helps delivering targeted coupon promotions to the WiFi customer.
  • Bills Report

    Bills page shows the list of all charged bills in the selected period of time.
  • HotSpot Log

    HotSpot log shows all the actions and events initiated by HotSpot users, operator or software.
  • URL Log

    HotSpot software URL log shows a list of the websites which your customers have visited.