The main purpose of Watchdog service is monitoring Kiosk operation and control if a problem occurs (browser or Flash plug-in crashing, Windows hanging, hacking attempts, etc.).

Watchdog is installed automatically during Kiosk installation and it will auto-start on Windows start-up.

The Kiosk is constantly sending pings to Watchdog during proper operation, if there is an interruption that lasts longer than a predefined time period, Watchdog has the ability to restart the Kiosk application.

The default behavior is taking no actions.

To configure Watchdog behavior, please go to Kiosk – Setup – Watchdog page and untick No Actions option.

The following options will be revealed:

Restart Kiosk if no ping after – Use this option to force Kiosk restart if it is not sending pings to Watchdog longer than the specified time period
Restart Kiosk always in – Configure this option to force Kiosk restart at the desired time of the day. Use the “Except” option to specify a date range when this rule will not be used.
Restart Kiosk if no login user for – Watchdog will force Kiosk to restart if no one logins in the specified time period. Use the “Except” option to specify a time of the day when this rule will not be used.
Minimal Interval between controlled restarts is – Specify the minimal interval between two Kiosk restarts

Updated on November 9, 2021

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