Kiosk Setup

Kiosk Setup

  • Options

    Learn how to set Kiosk password, choose unlock combination and configure Email settings.
  • HTTP Server

    Define an IP address and a port for the Kiosk software built-in HTTP Server.
  • Database

    Antamedia Database Server stores the data from Kiosk software (customers accounts, tickets, pricing plans, bills, etc.).
  • Pay Station

    Pay Station module helps you receive payments via coin and bill acceptors hardware devices or using Credit Cards through one of 70 supported Internet Payment Gateways.
  • Watchdog

    The main purpose of Watchdog service is monitoring Kiosk operation and controlling if a problem occurs .
  • Print Manager

    Antamedia Kiosk software gives you the ability to control and limit printing over your Kiosk computer.
  • Memory Monitor

    Antamedia Kiosk software allows you to set Kiosk computer memory usage limit.
  • USB Manager

    USB manager is a utility that prevents various storage devices from connecting to your computer via USB ports.