Internet Cafe HotSpot

  • HotSpot

    Control WiFi devices in the local network using HotSpot module in Internet Cafe software.
  • Network Interface

    Learn how to configure Internet Cafe Server PC to act as a gateway on the network.
  • Default Page

    HotSpot captive portal page can be customized to suit your specific needs.
  • Free Access

    Internet Cafe HotSpot module supports free access option, which can be used to allow a customer free trial of your service with certain restrictions.
  • Whitelist

    The whitelist feature is used to specify the computers which should pass through the HotSpot without authentication.
  • MAC Whitelist

    Antamedia Internet Cafe software gives you the ability to specify MAC addresses of computers which should pass through the hotspot without authentication.
  • IP Whitelist

    Specify computer IP address that should pass to the Internet through the Internet Cafe software HotSpot without authentication.
  • Host Whitelist

    Host whitelist helps you to allow access to specified websites without authentication.
  • MAC Blacklist

    MAC Blacklist feature allows you to specify computers by the MAC address that will be blocked to login on the HotSpot.
  • URL Tracking

    URL Tracking feature helps you to track web pages visited by your HotSpot customers.