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Internet Cafe Statistics

Internet Cafe Statistics

  • Statistics

    Statistics section of Antamedia Internet Cafe offers you the possibility to collect and analyze valuable statistical data about your business.
  • Bills

    Bill statistics shows the list of all charged bills based on filtering options that you select.
  • Log

    Internet Cafe Log shows all the actions and events initiated by Internet Cafe by users, operator or software.
  • Computers

    Computer statistics panel display various data about computers in your cafe.
  • Usage Reports

    Usage report is a session based report which precisely shows who, when and how much has used your services.
  • Applications

    Application statistics page contains several types of reports related to application usage.
  • POS statistics

    POS statistics reports can help you to identify what are your top selling products, who are your best customers, employees with the most sales, etc.
  • URL Log

    URL Tracking statistics help you analyze which websites your HotSpot customers have visited.