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Kiosk Personalize

Kiosk Personalize

  • Start Menu

    Antamedia Kiosk software allows you to create a Windows-like Start Menu.
  • Language

    Kiosk software supports easy translation to the new languages or modification of the included languages.
  • HTML Pages

    The Kiosk software allows you to completely redesign or integrate it with an existing website.
  • HTML Variables

    Kiosk software uses variables to embed links into its web pages. Learn how to configure link variables.
  • Terms of Use

    Learn how to set Terms Of Use page in Antamedia Kiosk software.
  • Screen Saver

    It is possible to activate Screen Saver to protect your desktop when there is no activity on the Kiosk computer.
  • Desktop

    Learn how to set a specific desktop background image for your Kiosk limited Windows account.
  • Digital Signage

    Antamedia Kiosk software allows you to transform it into a digital multimedia display using Digital Signage feature.